Dahlia Season

What would September be without dahlias? Some people feel they are not worth the trouble...yes, more effort than a rhododendron, but dahlias are instant gratification, (if you consider the 3 months watching them grow before they bloom "instant"). This pastel painting is essentially warm to hot hues with a few splashes of blue...just what I like in the waning season of a northern garden. Something to  get me through the white, grey winter. Dahlias like heat. They come from Mexico...in a cool summer we all think they will never get big enough to bloom...and sometimes, rarely, they don't. Well, then we have get fall foliage to warm our souls.

 plein air, (16 x 12  image size,) framed to 22 X 18 approx. in gold wood with glass.  $650

To purchase this painting contact me at rtilley@rodricatilley.com